About Us

NetServices is a premier technology solutions provider to the intelligence and defense communities. Our team delivers secure, inventive solutions in response to the mission-critical needs of the Federal Government and related entities. For nearly three decades, we have been committed to the company principle of Matchless Excellence™ – we continually nurture the best talent and deliver optimal IT consulting services.

At NetServices, we believe that successful IT solutions cannot be developed in a vacuum; they must adapt with changing missions, new security requirements, and an ever-evolving technology landscape. For this reason, we bring experts to each project that are focused on solving client challenges with creative thinking and proven methodologies. NetServices is only as good as our people, and our people are the best.


NetServices embodies an ’employee-first’ ethos, leveraging technology’s transformative power for exceptional IT service delivery, striving for a safer, more efficient future shaped by innovation, integrity, and continuous learning. It is our desire, to continue defining our collective success through the value we provide, our societal contributions, and our enduring IT legacy.


NetServices’ mission is to empower DoD, IC, and Civilian sectors through transformative IT solutions. Since our inception in 1996, we continue to focus on setting new standards for excellence with an emphasis on surpassing client expectations.


NetServices envisions being the foremost trusted IT partner, fostering a future where technology synergizes with governance for enhanced efficiency, security, and transformative innovation, measuring success by the value we bring, the impact we make, and the enduring legacy we build.

We believe that quality work starts and ends with people.

We regard the solutions we produce as a reflection of the company we are.

We believe that lasting relationships with clients produce the most effective solutions.

We believe that people and processes should evolve with technology.

Matchless Excellence™

Deliver superior service and hire superior people

Unwavering Dedication

Commit to the mission and complete it successfully, this is what we do!

Transformative Technology

Apply a right-sized, innovative IT solution for each client challenge, every time