Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy (OUSD(P)) has met the challenges of the Year-2000 head-on by both migrating its application software and hardware environments.  NetServices, as a subcontractor to Advance Technology Systems, is assisting Policy's technical and program staff to identify the Y2K exposure in its custom applications, AUTODIN (AUTOmated DIgital Network) to DMS (Defense Messaging System) migration and implementation of the new client/server architecture.

NetServices' Tasks:

Integration of three new Tricord Enterprise servers and upgrade of existing Intel servers:

  • Install and configure Windows NT on a quad CPU Tricord servers.
  • Configure two Tricords with Novell Netware SFT-III and migrate the existing NDS structure.
  • Upgrade existing Intel servers with additional memory and hard drives and install Novell Netware SFT-III licenses on the server.
  • Provide network load balancing using native Netware 4.10 solution.
  • Provide documentation.
  • Engineering of Compaq Proliant5000 rack-mount solution

Migrate Lotus Notes server to the new Enterprise server:

  • Migrate users, Name & Address Book and all Notes applications to the new quad CPU Tricord server running Windows NT 3.51.
  • Migrate Lotus Notes and SMTP mail to an ALR Revolution QUAD-SMP server
  • Tune the server hardware profile and Windows NT for optimum Notes services.

Year-2000 support:

  • Year-2000 exposure plan.
  • ITAA Year-2000 process methodology certification.
  • Migration plan for Year-2000.
  • Inventory of the Policy software portfolio.
  • Identification of the 2-digit year exposure.

AUTODIN to DMS Migration

  • Life-cycle requirements analysis
  • Technically lead a classified Limited Operational Prototype
  • Steer inter-OSD DMS working group
  • LDAP vs. DSA analysis