The Air Force Pentagon Communications agency provides highly effective information system services and capabilities for Headquarters Air Force (HAF), Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), Joint Staff, and the Pentagon. The AFPCA Full Range of Information Technology Services (AFRITS) contract provides comprehensive IT and telecommunications operations to government facilities within a 300 mile radius and to AFPCA and all of its clients.

As a key 8(a) company and partner to Lockheed Martin, NetServices provided a new Active Directory 2003 Forest and Exchange 2003 environment to sustain AFPCA's primary information systems. Utilizing Hierarchial Storage Management (HSM), we dynamically assigned data to different tiers of a "physical to virtual" server consolidation of AFPCA Microsoft Exchange, SQL and Active Directory services to a blade server-based virtual environment. As a result, HSM has enabled the organization to increase the amount of storage available within a tight budget by ensuring that the most accessed data is located on the most valuable storage and least accessed data is safely stored on secondary systems.