NetServices employs software engineers specializing in big data ingestion for intelligence community customers.  Responsibilities entail the Java development of data ingestion services including a wide variety of sources and destinations (flat files, Lotus Notes Database, various relational databases, Elastic Search and Hadoop Clusters as well as a Petabyte scaled Entity Resolution Engine engine).  Our team has worked extensively with address standardization/normalization, global name management and unstructured entity extraction tools.  Working experience with the collection, analysis, ingestion and exploitation of both system and application audit data within in the Intelligence Community.
NetServices managed the technical oversight of a team of software engineers developing ETL (Extract/Transform/Load) processes (both leveraging custom Python/Java code and a visual JavaScript based ETL tool suite).  The team managed the customers “Data Layer” and was responsible for the development, implementation and operation of inter-agency data flows into repositories (traditional relational and XML specific databases) and transformation into formats available for system tools including:  Entity Resolution and Disambiguation, Visual Graph-Based Applications as well as various search and exploitation tools.  The team was responsible for the development and maintenance of regular and ad hoc data products for several teams of analysts and high-level government urgent taskers.  

The NetServices team has lead a cadre of Oracle DBAs under a federal contract within the intelligence community responsible for database and application server support, installation, configuration, design, maintenance, troubleshooting, and performance tuning for Solaris, Linux, and Windows OS development support of Oracle 9i, 10g and 11g database and application servers.  The team was also charged with the following aspects of the Oracle servers: Oracle bi-direction multi-node Streams configuration, Oracle Recovery Manager, Oracle Wallet Manager for client/server certificates, Oracle PKI, Oracle Identity Management, and leverage Oracle Identity Management for Single Sign-On (SSO) and dynamic Oracle Internet Directory (OID) replication.