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Office of Computer Services, U.S. Department of Commerce


The Office of Computer Support (OCS) provides centralized data processing for all major Department of Commerce component offices.  Among other systems that comprise OCS' 3000+ MIPS capacity, OCS also operates an IBM ES-9000 9121-732 mainframe.  OCS has an immediate requirement to upgrade this ECL (Emitter Coupled Logic) mainframe to a more efficient air-cooled CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide System) based mainframe.  OCS has a requirement for a thorough feasibility/cost-benefit study for this migration.

NetServices' Tasks:

NetServices, as subcontractor to Software Surgery, Inc., has been tasked to prepare a thorough feasibility/cost-benefit analysis on the migration of its ECL based IBM mainframe to a CMOS based mainframe.  This includes the following:

  • Perform through industry analysis on the available CMOS technologies from various mainframe vendors.
  • Research premier IT institutes (Seybold, Gartner, Clipper Group, Yankee Group, etc.).
  • Provide cost-benefit data on the selected alternatives for the entire life-cycle including software/hardware, environmental and maintenance.
  • Provide Un-interruptible Power Supply (UPS) requirements and complete documentation on the LiebertÔ UPS and conditioned power units.

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