With a focus on usability and user satisfaction, NetServices can design, develop and implement Web sites and Web-enabled applications that provide convenient and cost-effective ways for government and industry clients to optimize their data, communicate efficiently and sustain information security. Our experience includes, but is not limited to, the development of database front ends, customized collaborative Web sites and content management. We offer a full range of Web services, including information migration, back-end programming, HTML coding and Web administration.

Detailed Capabilities:

Web Design, Development, and Implementation

  • Lotus Domino, WebSphere, MS Exchange, Cold Fusion
  • Java, JavaScript, Perl/CGI, XML, HTML
  • Dreamweaver, LiquidMotion, Flash and Other Web Design Tools

Web Server Administration and Setup

  • Microsoft IIS, Apache, Lotus Domino, WebSphere
  • Fault Tolerance, Replication and Server Clustering

NetServices prides itself in the retaining highly trained and qualified cadre of Web and application development staff.  NetServices will ensure that the staff working on Sub-task 7 has HTML 5, CSS 3, JaveScript (JQuery), PHP, MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, GIS, XML, WordPress, Drupal, XSLT, Java, Apache Lucene / Solr / Ntuch experience.

NetServices provides content in the way of instructions and code snippets to the USGS Web Development Framework website.  Assigned activities include the design and development for the website that support the framework.  Further, NetServices assists members in troubleshooting, code modification, as well as development of any new interface as requirements change.