NetServices has provided Information Assurance (IA) services to the federal sector, including the Department of Defense, since 1996. Our pragmatic approach to Information Assurance is based on extensive field research and practical experience that comes from implementing solutions art mission critical sites. Our Information Assurance philosophy is tempered by the realities of modern informatics and technologies, emerging threats and the rapidly evolving global information infrastructure.

NetServices staff continues to support both commercial and government enterprises in securing their information boundaries. Our trained, experienced and certified Information Assurance staff is well versed in the practices mandated by the Department of Defense and National Security Agency. We pride ourselves in ensuring the continual training of our Information Security staff. In addition to commercial certifications, NetServices' Information Assurance team is also DoD Information Technology Security Certification and Accreditation Process (DITSCAP) certified.

Detailed Capabilities: NetServices' life-cycle approach to Information Assurance is grounded in four key principles:

1.Requirements Analysis - NetServices' philosophy on Information Assurance is grounded in reality - Information Security must be "Right-Sized". Each enterprise must determine the flexibility it requires to operate in the ever growing global information grid. There are no cookie-cutter solutions.

2.Gap Analysis - Once NetServices complete its Information assurance evaluation, we use the results to cinduct a gap analysis between the "AS-IS" and the "TO-BE" Information Assurance construct. This thoroughly conducted gap analysis ensures complete mapping of the requirements to the target Information Assurance framework.

3. Fly-Before-Buy - NetServices highly recommends lab-based evaluation of products and practices before their deployment in the production environment. This level of caution is rooted in our "no-nonsense" approach to vendor claims. Most vendors povide their hardware/software for evaluation on limited time basis, NetServices has lab facilities where analysis can be performed or this work can be done in the customer's own lab or test environment.

4. Deployment and Monitoring - NetServices highly recommends a life-cycle approach for entreprise Information Assurance framework. Unfortunately, organizations do not have the "set it and forget it" luxury when it comes to Information Security. Once deployed, all security assets, practices and procedures  must be constantly monitored, upgrated if needed and changed if state-of-the-art informatics dictate otherwise.