When executed well, disaster recovery procedures protect our nation, maximize investments and save large sums of money. Both the terrorist attacks of September 11 and new IT trends have alerted IT professionals to the vital importance of learning about, mastering and executing sound disaster recovery planning.

A well planned, tested and implemented Continuity of Operations Plan can not only povide peace of mind but can decide whether a organization rises from the adversity of a disaster or succumbs to misfortune and disorganization.

NetServices understands that every client, federal or private, military or civilian is exposed to different potential risks and disasters. We also understand that what looks good on paper may fail in the real world. Our approach to disaster recovery and continuity of operations planning is based on client-based solutions, extensive testing, and cost sensitivity.

NetServices highly recommends lab-based evaluation of products and practices before their deployment in the production environment. So we conduct exhaustive tests under a number of realistic test cases, review and research vendor literature and provid a comprehensive road map to assist our clients in the procurement and deployment of a disaster recovey failover solution for a multitude of mission critical applications.